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U.Brosa Publications / Veröffentlichungen

Click here for a list of papers by Brosa and coworkers provided in the USA.
Click here for a list created in Russia.
Here is another list from the USA.
This list is issued in Spain.
This one in Germany.

None of these lists is complete. Here some publications on special topics:

Accounting / Buchführung

Saldieren geht über Studieren

Hydrodynamic Flow / Strömungen

For example see
Hydrodynamic vector potentials
Minimum description of the onset of pipe turbulence
Simulation of flow through a two-dimensional random porous medium
Turbulence without strange attractor
Onset of turbulence in a pipe
Reduction of nonlinear dynamic systems by phase space analysis
Droplet fission. A performance of surface tension
On the dynamics of colliding droplets

Others found our work useful, e.g. / Andere haben von unserer Arbeit profitiert, z.B.
Citing "Onset of turbulence in a pipe"
Citing "Reduction of nonlinear dynamic systems by phase space analysis"

Electrodynamics / Elektrodynamik

For example see
Diffraction of Electromagnetic Waves (Z. Naturforsch.65a,124(2010); a PDF reprint is available upon request by email.)
Diffraction of Electromagnetic Waves (free preprint from arxiv)

A few people address this on their websites / Einige weisen auf ihren eigenen Internet-Seiten darauf hin:
CERN Document Server, CitULike, Luca Bombelli, The Smithsonian / NASA Astrophysics Data System, Mendeley Research Networks
Electromagnetic Waves in Variable Media (Z. Naturforsch.67a,111131(2012); a PDF reprint is available upon request by email.)
Electromagnetic Waves in Variable Media (free preprint from arxiv)

Mathematics / Mathematik

For example see
Criteria for the Applicability of Galois Groups

Medicine / Medizin

For example see
Inspection of multidimensional phase spaces with an application to the dynamics of hormonal systems
Pulse Amplitude and Frequency Modulation of Parathyroid Hormone ...
Classification of dynamical diseases by new mathematical tools
The calcium-parathyroid hormone regulation in chronic renal failure ...

Nuclear Reactions / Kernreaktionen

For example see
Nuclear scission, Nuclear scission (a second location)
Energy fluctuations in multichannel fission and heavy-ion collisions
Multimodal fission and neutron evaporation
Sawtooth curve of neutron multiplicity
Random neck rupture in deep-inelastic collisions
Accurate solution of the Fokker Planck equation and its application to the U+U reaction
Quasi-elastic reaction cross sections and the merging instability
180-degree pion production ratios in relativistic nuclear reactions
This one is a movie / Das hier ist ein Film
Random Neck Rupture / Das zufällige Halsreißen

Others found our work useful, e.g. / Andere haben von unserer Arbeit profitiert, z.B.
The Russian Wikipedia presents our results on fission / Die russische Wikipedia erklärt unsere Ergebnisse zur Spaltung
The IAEA recommends our methods for data analysis of nuclear fission / Die IAEA empfiehlt unsere Methoden zur Daten-Analyse der Kernspaltung
1: ...the so-called Brosa model selected as the most suitable one...
2, 3, 4: good agreement with the Brosa-model of fission...

Political Issues / Politische Probleme

For example see
Altar of Self-Glorification / Hausaltar der Selbstbeweihräucherung

Our work is appreciated / Unsere Arbeit wird geschätzt

for example in
Belgium+France, Belgium+France, Belgium+Romania
China, China, China+Japan
France (cassure aléatoire du col), France (les mères et les filles)
Germany+France+USA+Spain+Russia+Switzerland+Kazakhstan, Germany, Germany+Russia+France, Germany, Deutschland, Germany, Germany
Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan
Russia+Italy+Kazakhstan+Belgium+France, Russia+Germany+Poland+USA, Russia, Russia
United Kingdom+USA, UK
USA+Netherlands, USA, USA, USA (it belongs to this), USA, USA

Around the world, there are hundreds of references to our work.
In particular to fission, deep-inelastic and quasi-elastic reactions, and more. Just search for "brosa fission", "brosa nuclear", "brosa model", "brosa channels", "brosa modes", "brosa kernspaltung" etc.
In particular to turbulence, vibrations of drops, cellular automata, and more. Just search for "brosa flow", "brosa turbulence", "brosa pipe", "brosa turbulenz" etc.